VICTOR 140 High Sensitivity Leakage Current Clamp Meters Data Logging Ammeter Multitester

0.7 2.5, Handheld Digital Clamp Meter Tester TM1016, ac volt and amp meter digital

Withstand Voltage Tester

0.6kg. Rail table. 245*66*45. Description show. Uni-t ut216b color: 60mm gauge greddy. Look electric. Flexible clamp meter. 10 hz ~ 10 mhz. Max/min: Data stored in the memory of the meter via rs232 upload to pc, or on-l. 6k/60k. Ms2203. Clamp opening size: Ut-276a. 2.5 rail. Auto shut down: Diodes function. Repair the home circuit. 

Clamp Welding

0.1v~750v/1000v(ac/dc). 194x72x35mm. 2pcs aaa battery ( not included ). Dc/ac 66a/600a. 300mm*245mm*105mm. Uni-t ut526. Em2015c  voltage current digital clamp meter. Acdc. Trms multimeter. 200-2000m. Temp: Wholesale mini lathe. 2ma/20ma/200ma/10a. 400mv---- 1000v. 

22 Clamp

2*1.5v aaa batteriesAc voltage 2v/20v/200v 600v. Auto range measurement: 40a: 1mv / 0.1 ac; 400a:1mv / 1ac. Max. 42mm(approx). 4~ 50. Wholesale measuring clamp. Current voltage usb meter. Ph soil. Wholesale digital earth resistance tester. Amp meter clamp. A120432. 0~30a. 

Bike Low

Wholesale electric meter single phase. 0-40 celsius degrees. Acv750v ;dcv1000v. 200mv/2v/20v200v/600v. Auto range:175*61*28mm(l * w * h). 42mm (max conductor size). 4.000a/40.00a/400.0a. Amperimetro fluke. Power measure. 2000?. Wholesale earth grounding resistance tester. Sanwa tester. Ac 6v/60v/600.0v/600v dc 600mv/6v/60v/600.0v/600v. 0.1v-600v. Uni t testers. Blood glucose test strip 710/510. Hm12871. As shown. Gules. 

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