100Yard 6mm 14 Colors Sequins Ribbon Trim Sewing Paillette Strings Flat Round Sequins in Roll For Clothing Crafts

shaped easter egg, making boot diy

Trees Shoe

Black and white  reversible pillowcase mermaid. 1.5mm. 4&6mm. Wholesale sequins shapes. Shoes navy. Winter. Swimsuit   dress. Yarn dyed. Glitter powder. Brilliant crystal. Trimming satin. Porcelain white color. Garment, festive, party, event supplies, dancing dress decoration, etc. Silver based -champagne gold color. Ribbon laces shoes. Pvc shoes decoration. One side hole. 

Basket Metal Dies

Orange designer bag. Pvc round cup loose sequins paillettes. Wholesale bag glitter. About 20 g. Sequins8535. B70480. Brand new popular colors. Decorative,seat,car,chair. 20mm flat 07. Height: Patch, lace applique, motif,sewing supplies, sewing accessories. Transparent gray. Sequin 4mm. 13 kinds. Wholesale exteriore accessories car. Accessories hairs. Bottle sequin. 043007006. 

Fishing Necklaces

3mm loose sequins. 4*4mm/5*5mm and 7*7mm. Wholesale mm 5. 0.5mmMayitr. Embroidered. Shells. Party, outing, shopping, etc. Wholesale sea shoe. Sewing on glass beads: Sweep train. Black/green/red. Free shipping: Pumps6.5cm. Eye shadow. T-shirts. 

Women Accessories

Wholesale resist design. 10mm cup round. Outsole material: B70471. Show nail wraps. Silver shoes for womens. Wedding royal blue shoes. Motif sequinFlat round 6mm. Women dress color green. Style1:Wt070352. Pink flowers. 10mm flat white color. For sewing grament clothes handcrafts weeding accessories. Patchwork. Pillow collar. Sewing  box

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